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     A tea party is a  special way  to celebrate  any event and our tea parties are "steeped" with love.  From At-Home Tea Parties for young ladies we specialize  in creating the most charming and unique party for your special occasion. 
     Our most popular celebration is Birthday Tea Parties but there are many other great occasions to celebrate with a tea party!  We have been hostess to Back to School Tea Parties  •  Welcome to the Neighborhood Tea Parties  •  First Communion Tea Parties  •  "I'm a New Big Sister"  Tea Parties  •  Holiday Tea Parties   •  Girl Scout® Troop Tea Parties  •  and many more! 
Long time ago, house wives would gather to share cookies and talk over their lives and it's through this get together that the idea of tea parties was birthed. There are few things that make life interesting and special and one of them has got to be having tea parties. A tea party carries with it a calm and serene mood. It brings warmth into the occasion and always goes down as a memorable celebration.

Nothing easily compares to a well organised tea party. The best thing is that you can seek the help of talented people who clearly understand how to do it and can guide you into hosting a bucketful tea event even when you need to host one while travelling. First off, you might have to put into consideration a few ideas.

Tea Party Invitations

Your first priority should be to source for great party ideas mostly concerning the invitations. Inviting your guests one month prior to the event should be amongst those great ideas. Not only does it give you enough time to make preparations but also gives your guests enough time to make plans to attend your tea party.

You can design the invitation cards on your own or outsource it to an expert. Always get your family or friends to bring in their ideas. Also, get inspiration from previous parties you've attended and don't forget to employ your best creativity.

Food ideas

One of the most essential part of a tea party is the type of food you select. Ensure you have a variety of foods to cater for everyone's needs. Keep in mind that some people have food allergies and other disorders that inhibit them from consuming certain types of foods.

Presenting it in buffet style is probably the best way to do it. Best of all, you can have the party catered as this will save you so much stress and allow you time to focus on ensuring your guests are comfortable.


Themes have been known to do wonders to tea parties. They are a superior addition to celebrations as they create an air of elegance. It's always great to opt for a calming type of atmosphere. Avoid wild decor as it's sometimes a turn off and can spoil the mood of the party. Soft pale colours like pink, lilac, green, bone, white always do the job well.

Aside from these 3 aspects, there are tons of other ideas you may want to include in your tea birthday invitations and other areas so as to make it exciting and memorable. As tea party experts, we are here to help and guide you in making your tea party one of the best things that will ever happen in your life. Even when you need to host one while travelling, we understand what needs to be done to make your tea party a success. Talk to us and we'll be happy to discuss how to make that event a success.